Institute Projects

Project Code NRMADWSRSIL201200100123
Sub-projects 1.1 Weed management under long term conservation agriculture systems.
Sub-projects 1.2 System-based approach to weed management
Sub-project 1.3 Improving input use efficiency through efficient weed management.
Sub-project 1.4 Standardization of spraying techniques and mechanical tools for weed management
Project Code NRMADWSRSIL201200200124
Sub-projects 2.1 Effect of climate change on crop-weed interactions, herbicide efficacy and bioagents
Sub-projects 2.2 Physiological and molecular basis of herbicide resistance development in weeds and evaluation of herbicide-tolerant crops
Sub-project 2.3 Development of weed seed identification tools and weed risk analysis.
Project Code NRMADWSRSIL201200300125
Sub-projects 3.1 Biology and management of problematic weeds in cropped lands
Sub-projects 3.2 Biology and management of problematic weeds in non-cropped lands
Sub-project 3.3 Biology and management of aquatic weeds
Project Code NRMADWSRSIL201200400126
Sub-projects 4.1 Impact of herbicides in soil, water, plants and non targeted organisms and mitigation measures
Sub-projects 4.2 Degradation of herbicides in the soil and water
Sub-project 4.3 Bio-remediation of pollutants using terrestrial/ aquatic weeds
Project Code NRMADWSRSIL201200400127
Sub-projects 5.1 On-farm research and demonstration of weed management technologies for enhanced productivity and income.
Sub-projects 5.2 Impact assessment of adoption of weed management technologies on socio-economic upliftment and livelihood security.
Our Mission

खरपतवार सम्बंधित अनुसंधान व प्रबंधन तकनीकों के माध्यम से देश की जनता हेतु उनके आर्थिक विकास एंव पर्यावरण तथा सामाजिक उत्थान में लाभ पहुचाना।

"To Provide Scientific Research and Technology in Weed Management for Maximizing the Economic, Environmental and Societal Benefits for the People of India."

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