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Scientific Staff

Dr. P.K. Singh
Director (Acting)
Mobile No: 09425388721
E-mail: P.Singh1@icar.gov.in, drsinghpk@gmail.com
Specializations: Technology transfer, demonstration, adoption and impact assessment
Dr. Sushil Kumar
Pr. Scientist, Entomology
Mobile No: 09425186747
E-mail: Sushil.Kumar2@icar.gov.in, sknrcws@gmail.com
Specializations: Biological control of weeds, aquatic weed management in crops and cropping systems, herbicide tolerant crops
Dr. K.K. Barman
Pr. Scientist, Soil Science
Mobile No: 09826811536
E-mail: barmankk@gmail.com, Kamal.Barman1@icar.gov.in
Specializations: Soil Environment vis-a-vis weed management.
Dr. R.P. Dubey
Pr. Scientist, Agronomy
Mobile No: 09425412041
E-mail: Rudra.Dubey@icar.gov.in, dubeyrp@gmail.com
Specializations: Integrated weed management and organic agriculture
Dr. Shobha Sondhia
Pr. Scientist, Residue Chemistry
Phone No: 0761-2353934
E-mail: Shobha.Sondiya@icar.gov.in, shobhasondia@yahoo.com
Specializations: Environmental impact of herbicide, mode of degradation, bio-molecules, method development for herbicide residues and herbicide mitigation measures
Dr. P. K. Mukherjee
Pr. Scientist, Agronomy
Mobile No: 08910539322 / 09536551548
E-mail: pkm_agronomy@yahoo.co.in, pijushivri@gmail.com
Specializations: Weed Management in Conservation Agriculture & Fodder Crops.
Dr. V.K. Choudhary
Sr.Scientist, Agronomy
Mobile No: 09425244075
E-mail: ind_vc@rediffmail.com
Specializations: Weed Management, Conservation Agriculture & Water Management
Dr. Yogita Gharde
Scientist, Ag. Statistics
Phone No: 0761-2353934
E-mail: Yogita.Gharde@icar.gov.in, yogita_iasri@rediffmail.com
Specializations: Modelling on crop weed associations
Dr. Dibakar Ghosh
Scientist, Agronomy
Mobile No: 08989190213
E-mail: Dibakar.Ghosh@icar.gov.in, dghoshagro@gmail.com
Specializations: Weed ecology and weed management in conservation agriculture
Dr. Subhash Chander
Scientist, Economic Botany
Mobile No: 08871877162
E-mail: Subhash.Chander3@icar.gov.in, singhariya43@gmail.com
Specializations: Plant genetic resources
Er. Chethan C R
Scientist, Farm Machinery & Power
Mobile No: 09800105776
E-mail: chethan704@gmail.com
Specializations: Farm Mechanization, Farm Machinery Management
Dr. Pawar Deepak Vishwanath
Scientist, Agril. Biotechnology
Mobile No: 9650361632
E-mail: pawardv1@gmail.com
Specializations: Agril. Biotechnology
Mr. Dibakar Roy
Scientist, Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry
Mobile No: 8250834767
E-mail: dibakar499176@gmail.com
Specializations: Soil science
Er. Vaibhav Chaudhary
Scientist, Farm Machinery & Power
Mobile No: 9350598347
E-mail: vaibhav.chaudhary@icar.gov.in, vaibhavchoudhary1585@gmail.com
Specializations: Farm Mechanization, Design and Analysis of Weeding Tools and Mechanisms.
Dr. Dasari Sreekanth
Scientist, Plant Physiology
Mobile No: 9542681028
E-mail: sreekanth.dasari@icar.gov.in, sreekanthplantsciences@gmail.com
Specializations: Plant Physiology
Dr. Himanshu Mahawar
Scientist, Agricultural Microbiology
Mobile No: 8920966597
E-mail: himanshu.mahawar@icar.gov.in, hm.cazri@gmail.com
Specializations: Agricultural Microbiology